Side Dishes

Baked Mashed Potatoes

By Patti Wilson

Excellent with any meat.

Brad's Cauliflower

By Anita McIntosh

This is one of our favorite veggies for a family gathering. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Country Company Potatoes

By Nancy Ness

Creamy cheesy potatoes covered with a buttery cornflake crumb topping.


By Teresa Ness

Great served with that holiday turkey and gravy.

Fried Rice

By Patti Wilson

German Potato Salad

By Diane Naegele

A traditional German recipe.  Good served warm or cold.

Grandma Hauner's Bread Dumplings

By Irene Hauner

These dumplings go best with a beef or pork roast and gravy.


By Teresa Ness

Goes great with dressing.

Lefse II

By Teresa Ness

Can be served with a meal in place of bread or put sugar on it and enjoy it for dessert.

Marianne's Special Rice

By Nancy Ness

Goes great with Marianne's Lemon Chicken.

MMMmmmmm Asparagus

By Cindy Metherel LeGrier

A way to make a healthy food unhealthy...but oh so delicious!

Orzo Pilaf

By Nancy Ness

A nice change from plain pasta.

Potato Lefse I

By Irene Hauner

Traditional Swedish Potato Lefsa that's usually reserved for holiday meals.  Ya you betcha!

Quick Beans

By Karen Egan

Pork & beans kicked up a notch.

Stuffed Peppers - Mexican style

By Marlene Metherel

Sounds different, but very good with the creamy sauce.  

Zucchini Hot Dish

By Teresa Ness

Sautéed zucchini, carrots, and onions mixed into a creamy sauce, then layered with stuffing and topped with cheddar cheese.