Borsch (Beet Soup)
By Teresa Ness

Chicken Dumpling Soup
By Irene Hauner
This is a two day recipe, but it is well worth the wait! Yum!! It's perfect for cold winter days or to help cure a cold.

Grandma Lovisa's Bean Soup (The Best)
By Teresa Ness

Italian Sausage Meatball Tortellini Soup
By Brenda Skogen McIntosh
My family loves this soup.

Potato Soup
By Brenda Skogen McIntosh
Every Fall John comes home with 50 pounds of wonderful red potatoes from the “potato farm”. Well this year I checked out a few different potato soup recipes and came up with this one and in the words of Rachel Ray…YUM-O!

Sweet Potato Soup
By Marlene Metherel

Taco Soup
By Anita McIntosh

Wild Rice Soup
By Anita McIntosh
Warren said this is the BEST wild rice soup that he has EVER tasted.

Wild Rice Soup II
By Nancy Ness

Zucchini Soup
By Diane Hughes