Chicken, Fish, & Seafood


The BEST Sesame Chicken

By Patti Wilson

I found this recipe and with the reviews it had, I figured 

it HAD to be good!  IT IS THE BEST! 

Bruschetta Chicken Bake

By Patti Wilson

Here is a recipe that I spotted in a magazine and tried.  

It is SO easy and really good!


California Chicken and Almond Rice

Submitted by Chris Lowe

This is the best chicken ever!!!


Chicken Breasts and/or Pork Chops in Gravy

By Teresa Ness


Chicken Cacciataco

By Patti Wilson


Chicken Enchiladas

By Nancy Ness


Chicken Lasagna

By Sue Commerford

Simple & delicious lasagna recipe.


Chicken Piccata

By Nancy Ness


Chicken Pockets 

By Nancy Ness

Creamy chicken in crescent rolls - Yum!


Chinese Takeout Lemon Chicken

By Marlene Metherel

Easy, quick, and tasty!


Creamy Butter Chicken

By Marlene Metherel

Very nice chicken dish!

Foil-pack Chicken Fajita Dinner

By Marlene Metherel

Very good!


Honey Glazed Chicken

By Irene Hauner


Lemon Chicken

By Marlene Metherel

A slow cooker recipe.


Low Fat Chicken Parm 

Submitted by Barb Jodoin

“My niece Christine Noonan Botsford made up this recipe.  It has become my kids’ favorite.”


Marianne's Lemon Chicken

By Nancy Ness

A sweet saucy chicken dish that is quick to make.  Especially good served with Marianne's Special Rice.


Marinated Chicken Breasts

By Nancy Ness

This marinade recipe gives several mix and match ingredient options.


Mediterranean Pasta in Minutes

By Nancy Ness

This is one of my all time favorite dishes.


Patti's Sweet and Spicy AMAZING Drummies

By Patti Wilson

These are AMAZING!!!  Every time we have a potluck at the lake, the campers ask, "You're making your drummies, RIGHT?!!!" And there isn't one left!!!  


Pesto Chicken

By Kelly Noonan


Souper Enchiladas

By Marlene Metherel

This can be made with chicken, beef, or pork.


Spiced Chicken Stew with Apricots

By Marlene Metherel


Spring Stir-Fry in Peanut Sauce

By Marlene Metherel


Turkey Tortilla Pie

By Marlene Metherel

Good change from lasagna.

Fish and Seafood

Shrimp Scampi

By Patti Wilson

Great with Perfect Prime Rib


Tuna Burgers

Submitted by Marlene Metherel

This is a recipe I remember my Mom (Adele) making but I forgot about, but really enjoy.


Tuna Rolls

By Teresa Ness