Desert Honey Curried Pecans

Submitted by Sue Commerford
These sweet and spicy nuts are perfect with drinks. They also make a nice hostess gift.


1½ tsp. onion powder

1½ tsp. garlic powder

1¼ tsp. coarse kosher salt, divided

¾ tsp. curry powder

¼ tsp cayenne pepper

2 Tbsp. unsalted butter

2 Tbsp. Sonoran Desert Honey (or your favorite)

3 cups pecan halves (raw)


Preheat oven to 250º F. Line a large, rimmed baking sheet or broiler pan with foil. Mix onion powder, garlic powder, 1 teaspoon salt, curry powder, and cayenne pepper in a small bowl to blend. Melt butter and honey with remaining ¼ teaspoon salt in heavy, medium sized saucepan over medium heat. Add pecan halves and stir to coat. Remove from heat. Add spice mixture and toss to coat pecans evenly. Spread pecans in a single layer on prepared baking sheet. Bake pecans until dry and toasted, about 40 minutes. Cool completely. Separate pecans. Can be made 1 week ahead. Store in an airtight container at room temperature.