Veggie Bars

Submitted by Teresa Ness



2 Pkgs. Crescent Rolls:  

Press in 11 x 13 pan, pressing seams together.

Bake at 375º for 8 minutes or until golden brown.

Set aside to cool.



12 oz. cream cheese

2/3 cup miracle whip

1/2 tsp dill weed

1/2 tsp garlic salt:

Small amount grated onion

Mix well.  Spread over cooled crescent rolls


Vegetable Toppings:

2 ½ cups chopped fine vegetables:

         Green onions,

         Green peppers,

         Black and green olives,






Mix together and sprinkle on cheese filling mix.  Press down.


Sprinkle 1 ½ cups fine shredded sharp cheddar cheese on top.  Press down.


Cut into squares.  Refrigerate until serving.