Lefse II

Submitted by Teresa Ness


In 8 cup measuring bowl add 2¼ cups milk and 6 Tbsp. margarine.

Heat in microwave.

Mix in:

2¼  cups potato flakes,

2 tsp. sugar and

1¼ tsp salt.


Cool in fridge. 

Mix in 1¼ cups flour

Kneed dough 7 or 8 times. 

Roll into a log and slice in about 12 to 14  pieces.

On a very floured rolling cloth or floured surface - roll out each piece into a very thin circle.  The circle will should be about the size of a dinner plate. 


Cook on a greased electric pancake griddle at approx. 400º until bubbly and slightly browned.  Flip with a lefsa stick or a non-stick spatula.  Cook until slightly browned.  Remove and cool.


To serve:  Butter and then sprinkle with sugar.  Roll it up.  Enjoy!