Creamy Butter Chicken

1 Tbs oil
1 onion chopped
3 cloves garlic, mince
2 Tbs grated gingerroot
1Tbs garam masala
1Tbs gound cumin
1 can(156g) tomato paste
1/4 c water
1 # skinless chicken breasts,cut into bite size pieces
1 tub(270g) Philadelphia original cooking creme
1/4c fresh cilantro

Heat oil in large skillet on med heat. add onions, cook 5 min or until tender crisp, stirring occasionally. stir in garlic& ginger, cook 1-2 min or until fragrant. add garam masala & cumin, cook & stir for 30 sec. stir in tomato paste & water until well blended.
add chicken, stir until coated. cover, simmer on med – low heat 6-8 min or until done, stirring occasionally.
add cooking creme, cook & stir 2-3 min or heated thru
extra: garnish with toasted almonds 7/or cilantro sprigs
very nice, did with curry I had not garam masala
serve with rice  or pappadums, naam